welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’re looking at a record by Prince Buster and the Allstars, from 1969

first things first, def didn’t realize this record had some repeats! Rough Rider, Wine & Grine, and Ten Commandments of Man are all songs that have shown up on records i’ve talked about before. i’ll mention them in terms of placement flow below, but i have mentioned my thoughts on these tracks before.

Wreck a Pum Pum is uh, yknow i don’t hate this. don’t love it, but i at least appreciate the honestly, haha. Wreck a Buddy, with guest vocals by the Sexy Girls, is a nice lil transition. i like the reflection of Buster’s lyrics, that’s kinda cute. Rough Rider is nice to kinda balance the two prior tracks. def appreciate it a lot on this record. the recording quality on Pum Pum a Go Kill You’s a lil rough. it’s a fine sounding track. Wine & Grine is fine here, and Ten Commandments of Man continues to be a bad song. Beg You Little More ain’t my fave either. with Pussy Cat Bite Me, i dunno, i wonder if Prince Buster would’ve done anything to get bit, haha. apparently Pharoah House Crash is a version of Everything Crash by the Ethiopians, nice protest track. The Abeng is a p good groove. Train to Girls Town has a nice bit of continuity with Judge Dredd, i dig that. closing things out is Stir the Pot, which has a really good horn groove to it, but doesn’t really solidify into a real solid track, in my opinion. it’s just fine.

faves – Pharoah House Crash, The Abeng
dislikes – Ten Commandments of Man

yeah this one follows in the footsteps of She Was a Rough Rider – lotta singing about fucking on this record. it’s not bad to listen to, even if more of it is chauvinistic than i’d prefer in an album like this. mellow grooves, good performances, not a bad record.

Wreck a Pum Pum – 4/10

next up we’re gonna be checking out a collab between Laurel Aitken and Girlie, their Scandal in a Brixton Market record, also from 1969!

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