welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’re gonna talk about She Was a Rough Rider, a 1968 record from Prince Buster –

Rough Rider, the opening track, is a p funny tongue in cheek track with a very rocksteady groove to it. extremely chill. Dreams to remember is a quiet lil breakup track. Scorcher’s got a fun lil intro, and is quite a good groove. not too many thoughts about Hypocrites. Walk WITH Love really gets that head groove going. Taxation’s got that colonial revolution vibe to it, hell yeah. Bye Bye Baby’s nice. as is Tenderness. got some good horns in this one. Wine or Grind is a fun lil nod to the title track. this is probs my fave song on the record, even if it gets a lil repetitive. not huge on Can’t Keep on Running. Closer Together is nice. Going to the River closes out the record well, keeping up that laid back vibe.

faves –
dislikes –

yeah the shift into rocksteady and reggae is in full swing here, as i should have expected from the cover, haha. not a bad record at all, and an extremely pleasant listen, but not something thatll stay with me at all.

She Was A Rough Rider – 3/10

next up we’re gonna checking out another 1968 record, this time by Desmond Dekker and the Aces – Intensified

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