welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’re gonna talk about our first record from Desmond Dekker and the Aces, Intensified! let’s dig in.

alright, kicking things off with It Mek. this track’s a nice loungey time, i like how the horns are used for punctuation here. had to look it up – “it mek” is used in Jamaica for “that’s why”, and apparently this track was their follow up when a previous single, The Israelites (which is later on this record) was a hit. i like this one. Too Much Too Soon is nice, its got a good beach vibe to it. Coconut Water continues the vibes too. not as big on this one. Sweet Music’s an extremely pleasant track. To Sir With Love is a mellow track, quite lovely. Rude Boy Train’s p good. not a huge impression but i like it. (Poor Mi) Israelites has that fucking great opening, and man this one’s a good track. Apparently this was the first reggae track to really get charting internationally. It Is Not Easy’s got some real good bits to it. Intensified ’68, the title track here, is really fun. Nincompoop’s a fine lil ballad. Tips of My Fingers keeps the vibes mellow with another crooner. ‘s nice. closing us out is Wise Man, a more upbeat track. good note to close it on.

faves – It Mek, (Poor Mi) Israelites, Intensified
dislikes –

yeah this record def had some really excellent bits to it. Dekker’s voice is varied and carries some cool moments, the laid back beats have a great way of carrying you along, and theres some fantastic tracks here.

Intensified – 7/10

next up we’re gonna be returning to Prince Buster with the Allstars for Wreck a Pum Pum

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