welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’re checking out a Prince Buster record from 1967, What a Hard Man Fe Dead:

wow 10 Commandments of Man did not age well. i get its a joke, and there’s a part or two in here that coulda been funny, but oof not a great one. Moving Spirit’s got a lil bit of funk to it, hell yeah. Prophet’s fine. My Girl’s a pretty solid cover. not outstanding but its nice. I Won’t Let You Cry has a few moments where it shines. Girl Answer to Your Name has some really nice instrumental moments but im not huge on the lyrics. the title track, Hard Man Fe Dead, has a nice rhythm to it. probs the best of this batch of tracks so far. That’s Saying a Lot is laid back but unimpressive. Words of Wisdom, or Drunkard Psalm, as i see it listed in some places, is a parody of the “lord is my shepherd” psalm, which is p neat. the loop back to 10 Commandments is less fun. Sit and Wonder is okay. Shanty Town’s just fine. Thanksgiving’s a nice way to close things out but isn’t much for me.

faves –
dislikes – 10 Commandments of Man

yeah dunno, despite the misogynistic stuff this was just kinda okay. the vibes were mellow, which isnt bad, but nothing here really connected with me. shame.

What a Hard Man Fe Dead – 3/10

next up we’re gonna checking out another record by Prince Buster, Judge Dread.

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