welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’re looking at a record by Laurel Aitken and Girlie, Scandal In a Brixton Market, from 1969.

Scandal In a Brixton Market opens with a title track – i think this is one where the recording quality really does the track a disservice. Madame Streagge (Soul Jerker) is a real pleasant track. some parts of this i dig for sure. Stupid Married Man sure has some opinions in it. ngl, between this and a couple of the other tracks i would suspect Aitken has some opinions about marriage, haha. yknow, as with Prince Buster, i dig the music, could do without some of the shitty vibes. Tammering has real good vibes to it. there’s parts of it im not huge on but generally speaking, a nice track. Have Mercy’s fine. a lil repetitive for my tastes but i get it. Night Cricket’s got excellent vibes. what a weird track. Run Powell Run’s p damn good too. i like this one. man the middle section of this album is real good, Teddy Bear’s extremely chill. Mr. Soul’s fine too, but this is the one that makes me look at Stupid Married Man a little more closely, like, bud you good? kinda weird to have Woke Up This Morning right after… it’s a nice ballad but kinda weird vibes back to back. Babylon’s nice, a little rememberance track. Stop the War in Vietnam’s a pleasant closer, good message. nice.

faves –
dislikes –

yeah we’re solidly in the reggae era here. gonna stick with the plan, but this ain’t quite what i’m in for, ngl. the vibes are sublime, the beats are chill, there’s some really solid sections, but this is real mild for me. i’m certain there’s folks who this is excellent for.

Scandal In a Brixton Market – 3/10

next up we’re gonna be checking out another 1969 record, this time from the Skatalites, titled The Skatalite!

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