welcome back folks! today, we’ll be looking at Video Age’s sophomore release, Pop Therapy, released in 2018!

i gotta say, this record has an EXTREMELY strong start. the record kicks off with Lover Surreal, an extremely laid back track, kinda funky track. very very pleasant opening. the title track, Pop Therapy, continues the chill vibes – the beat laid out by the bass and drums creates a nice groove that the synths settle into, with the hazy lyrics providing a nice opportunity to just drift along with the track. big fan. Days to Remember gets a little more lively, a little more upbeat. this one’s def my favorite track here. the hook on the chorus is just incredible. love the little guitar strut that opens up Hold On (I Was Wrong). this track’s good but i dunno, im not seeing what makes this their most popular track on Spotify, haha. User Patterns, an instrumental track that is very very nice, feels like a transition out of “act 1” of the record and into the back half. Paris to the Moon is pleasant but just fine. oh MAN i wish No Tomorrow was doing a lot more of its chorus and a lot less of its verses. the verses are fine but the track comes alive in the choruses. Echo Chamber’s got some real good vibes to it, but kinda just washes over me. Scenic Highway has some incredibly mellow verses, and has an interesting crooner vibe to it. Is It Her? is fine. not gonna lie the vibes get so spacey out here i kinda get lost in it. and then you have Dare to Dream, the closer. def FEELS like an outro kinda track, haha.

faves – Lover Surreal, Pop Therapy, Days To Remember, No Tomorrow
dislikes –

yeah that was a very nice record. laid back and spacey for a large part of it’s runtime, it’s catchy and toe-tappy, the kind of funky and groovey that makes you wanna move a little. unfortunately, most of these tracks weren’t “implant themselves in my brain for a week”, they were more “i had a very nice time listening to this record, and will happily slot parts of it into other listening experiences”, yknow? still, give it a shot if you like funky, groovey, synthy experiences.

Pop Therapy – 7/10

and because this discography is so brief, we are already on the doorstep of the final record, 2020’s Pleasure Line. see y’all next week to talk about it!

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