finally in the Green Day discography, we’re gonna be looking at their 2020 record, Father of All Motherfuckers (censored as Father of All…)

alright, first thing about Father of All Motherfuckers that i wasnt expecting was its brevity – this 10 song record comes in under 30 minutes. damn. how did they do?

Father of All… is a weird sound i was not expecting. its got this weird early 2010s pop rock vibe to the instrumentals with that bordering falsetto lyrical bits. its def not bad, and something i def warmed to over time, but whoa what a swerve. Fire, Ready, Aim keeps a similar musical tone, and this one’s got some catchy bits but im a lil less impressed by this one. Apparently this track was part of a collab with the NHL??? Oh Yeah’s fine. parts i like here for sure. Meet Me On The Roof is a dancier, brighter track. this one’s quite fun. I Was A Teenage Teenager is way too catchy if a track. these fuckers can still write earworms almost 3 decades in, jesus. thematically its p good too, that acknowledging that you did teenage shit when you were a teenager is p solid. Stab You In the Heart has some straight up country twang to it. damn shame i dont like the lyrics. and it feels weird coming off Teenage Teenager. Sugar Youth feels a lot more like the flavor of Green Day i was expecting about now, haha. i really like this one. Junkies On A High reminds me of another of their earlier tracks but it must be too early for me because i cant place it. this one’s fine. Take the Money and Crawl has a damn good chorus, ngl. Graffitia is an outlier for me – i dunno what it is but i keep being drawn to this one, i think its just got like a relentlessly bright energy to it. good track.

faves – Father of All…, Sugar Youth, Graffitia
dislikes –

this record is absolutely fine. its got catchy bits, theres patches of really good lyrics, and the style is really unique, with the blazing fast pace giving the whole record a really nice energy. its just… not a particular flavor of pop rock/pop punk im super interested in. this was a pleasant listen but its not something ill be coming back to super frequently.

i will say, as a note here, that i dont love calling folks sellouts or saying they get too detached from regular life to make commentary or connections to their scene, because i dont know them! but like, i dunno, the unwillingness to put the word Motherfucker on an album that has an NHL collaboration track on it makes it hard to take some of the comments i saw about this record “bringing the balls back to rock and roll” very seriously at all.

Father of All Motherfuckers – 4/10

and that’s it for the discography for now! next week, we’re starting with a new artist: Video Age! check back in for that, and lemme know if you have any thoughts about Green Day’s discography

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