welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’re gonna talk about a Skatalites record from 1967, Ska Authentic, Vol. 1

Ska Authentic Vol. 1 opens with Lee Harvey Oswald, an honestly smooth as butter instrumental track. Bridge View is another instrumental, and its p good. some nice segments but on the whole just fine. lol President Kennedy just a few tracks later, thats p good. and the song’s got a lil bop in it! good times. Mother In Law features the vocal talents of Lee “Scratch” Perry, and it’s solid. Perry’s vocals are fun here and the lyrics are aight. Musical Communication is a more like, not bandstandy track but a more classical brass band style. its nice but missing that get up and go, yknow? Ska In Vienna Woods has a p good beat to it. You’re So Delightful also has a really pleasant vibe to it, and the features from band member Roland Alphonso are extremely nice. Four Corners is also real nice.  Dance the Ska is a delightful lil track featuring vocals by Delroy Wilson and Paulette Williams. i dig this one, its got good grooves, haha. Teach Me the Ska, featuring Lord Brynner, feels a lot like Play That Funky Music, haha. Scrap Iron has features from band member Don Drummond, and its got a real nice kick to it too. Ball of Fire, bringing Alphonso back to the feature, builds up a real nice momentum over the course of the track for sure. Christine Keeler’s nice. Heaven Declare is a collab with the Maytals, hell yeah! this one’s fine. i go back and forth on the vocals. the last two tracks have features by band member Tommy McCook. Ska Ba is a delightfully laid back track. really dig this instrumental. Exodus is an extremely pleasant outro.

faves – Lee Harvey Oswald, President Kennedy, Dance the Ska, Ska Ba
dislikes –

i def wasn’t blown away by this record, but damn if it wasnt a toe tapping, head nodding good time. very few low points, and a delightful listen pretty much all the way through. very nice listen.

Ska Authentic, Vol. 1 – 6/10

next up we’re gonna checking out our first 1968 record, She Was a Rough Rider from Prince Buster!

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