next up on our docket, we’re looking at Green Day’s 2016 album, Revolution Radio!

Green Day’s been starting their records with a mellower guitar led track for the last few albums, huh? Somewhere Now has a short intro that keeps that trend, before launching into it’s full vibes, but honestly the whole track has like a “classic rock ballad” vibe that reminds me of like, Guns and Roses. interesting but kind of a strange tone to set, ngl. Bang Bang has a weird vibe to it but i kinda dig it. this is super weird but every time i hear the title track, Revolution Radio, i cant stop thinking of You Gotta Go by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. seriously, go listen to both and tell me you dont hear similarities. its weird. its a fine track. i dont know what exactly it is about Say Goodbye that i really like but i dig this one. Outlaws feels like its playing in the same space as Somewhere Now. Bouncing Off the Wall musically feels like it coulda fit with the 2012 records, which aint a bad thing at all. Still Breathing doesnt impress, really. feels very generic aughts rock. not huge on Youngblood. i AM big on Too Dumb To Die though. this feels like a very apt track for what this record appears to be shooting for. and Troubled Times is an excellent follow up – this tracks feels a lot like While My Guitar Gently Weeps in places, and i dont mean that in a bad way, haha. Forever Now’s fine, its nice and melodic. reminds me a lot of some of the rock opera stuff, with the shifts in sections and more bombastic tone. and its a good kinda climax to the record. Ordinary World is an acoustic outro, cooling down off Forever Now and providing and calm but sad ending to the record.

faves – Say Goodbye, Too Dumb To Die, Troubled Times
dislikes –

well, i think this was a p middle of thr road record. i know this record, like American Idiot, has political motivations behind it, but like much of American Idiot, i felt like there’s not a lotta bite for a punk record here. a lotta disaffection, a lotta dissatisfaction, bit of revolution talk, but i dunno, i just felt like it doesnt… do much.

and thats roughly how i feel about the record musically. there’s a lot here that reminds me of something else, that feels familiar, and very little of it that jumps out like even some of the tracks on American Idiot did. it all sounds nice but it all JUST sounds nice. also feels like a full shift to like, almost classic rock and full on poppy punk, which aint bad but just ends up feeling a lil bland to me.

on the whole, extremely fine record. not super impressed.

Revolution Radio – 4/10

and finally, next week we’re gonna look at Green Day’s most recent release, Father of All…

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