alright! welcome back to the currently running arm of the discography reviews! now that we’ve wrapped up the Gorillaz, we’re changing gears a bit and checking out the next artist: Green Day!

to start: i’ll give the context of my prior experience with the band. ngl, i’ve actually had basically no experience with Green Day. i’ve heard the singles that came out from American Idiot, sure, but i’m pretty sure that if i’ve heard another Green Day song i either don’t remember or wouldn’t know it as them.

that being said, let’s take a trip back to San Fransisco in the late 80s and join Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and John Kiffmeyer with their very first release as Green Day – an EP called 1,000 Hours:

alright, starting off with title track 1,000 Hours. it’s a nice track, but just aight. not really huge on Dry Ice. lyrically hasn’t aged well in a post-friend-zone age. Only Of You kicks off p well, instrumentally. def a better treatment of the subject matter than the previous two tracks. The One I Want has some neat riffs for sure. p good vibes overall.

faves –
dislikes –

yeah this wasn’t a bad listen but it is def a debut EP from some teens. there’s some good riffs here and some sections are catchy but overall it just kinda washes over you and is gone. the mixing is… okay? Billy Joe Armstrong’s vocals seem a little distant but that might be the intended effect.

yknow what this reminds me most of? a few years ago i did a deep dive of Tomas Kalnoky’s music, and his very first band, GIMP, put out an EP that feels a LOT like this. a similar situation where this is probably a good listen for a die hard fan looking to see where a lyricist or instrumentalist they loved got started, but i just felt it was ooookay.

1,000 Hours – 3/10

next time, we’ll be checking out their first full LP, 39/Smooth.

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