today we’ll be checking out the last of Green Day’s 2012 albums, ¡TRÉ!

¡TRÉ! gets started with Brutal Love, a… ballad? its honestly kind of a weird start, but the song itself is p good. not too shabby. Missing You is a lot more what i would expect from the boys. lotta fun stuff in this track. i dig it. the opening guitar riff to 8th Avenue Serenade feels so dang familiar, im not sure what its reminding me of. this track’s mellower, and its nice! nice lil track. ooooh i do not like Drama Queen. i get that its probably supposed to be about a romantic partner or something but it does NOT read that way and is kinda super creepy. hard pass. X-Kid’s a mellower track too, this one’s just aight, ngl. Sex, Drugs, and Violence feels like a more mature reflection on something theyve done before. nothing wrong with it, and its p catchy, but it lacks a real draw, yknow? A Little Boy Named Train has no business being as catchy as it is. straight up. how. how is it that much of an earworm. i don’t get it. Amanda’s p good. not a ton to say about this one. i really felt like Walk Away was gonna stick with its acoustic intro a little further into the track. ends up a lil bland. Dirty Rotten Bastards is fun but im not sure its good. this is one i think couldve spent a little longer in the oven. there are parts of this that really work but it feels p disconnected. 99 Revolutions feels the most on the fence to me. part of me wonders if this song wouldve felt better to me sequenced differently, but im honestly not sure. The Forgotten closes the record, and in a way, the trilogy of records with another ballad. honestly this one’s fine. no huge thoughts here.

faves – Missing You
dislikes – Drama Queen

hm. at places this feels like its trying to have a more united theme like ¡DOS! did, but honestly i dont feel it through large chunks of the record. much of this is executed very well – there hasnt been a dip in performances, and the lyrical components are find to good (with a few exceptions), but man the whole package here is a little forgettable. bummer.

¡TRÉ! – 4/10

we’re getting closer and closer to current day! our next release in 2016’s Revolution Radio, so check back soon!

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