alright time for part 2 of the 2012 releases, ¡DOS!

starting things off is See You Tonight, an acoustic, quiet track. i like this! i am just getting done with Fear of Death by Tim Heidecker which has a similar kind of opening, and i just enjoy it. good time. Fuck Time is in no way a good song, but god is it funny. i really like this one too, haha. Stop When the Red Lights flash is aight. got some good bits but overall im not a huge fan. i really enjoy Lazy Bones. some real good lyrics here, and im digging a lot of what they’re doing instrumentally on this track. feel kinda middling on Wild One. couple high points but overall just aight. Makeout Party is weird. i see what they were going for but a lot of the specific references they use feel very juvenile. sick solo tho. Stray Heart musically takes a ton of vibes from Blood, Sex and Booze, which i really enjoy. p good track. Ashley’s fine. p good beat and the chorus is solid but it just doesn’t hook me. Baby Eyes is p good. nice track. Lady Cobra is apparently about, well, Lady Cobra of the Mystic Knights of the Cobra, who is on the next track. some fun stuff on this song too. i dont really like Nightlife. apparently there’s a meme with the band to call this their best song, which, yeah i could see how that could come out of a song like this. Wow! That’s Loud is another song with some good moments, but leaves me a lil middlin. i could see this one growing on me for sure tho. Amy, a tribute song for Amy Winehouse, might be the best track on the record, and i really like it as an outro, kinda mirroring the vibes from See You Tonight.

faves – See You Tonight, Fuck Time, Lazy Bones,  Stray Heart, Amy
dislikes –

i think this record was way more successful than ¡UNO! while not narrative, the tracks here are united by themes of vices, excess, and partying in a way that tracks historically havent been on previous records. and while a lot of it doesnt seem to dig super deep its still a pretty cohesive experience – i particularly like Amy as the closer, as after an album of drinking and partying and lust it musically and thematically feels like a moment of clarity after a night of doing dumb things.

so yeah, dumb in places, charged in others, this was far from their best record but i really had a good time with most of it.

¡DOS! – 7/10

next time we’ll be checking out their final 2012 release, ¡TRÉ!

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