morning folks! we’re continuing our look at Rosie tucker with their most recent release, 2021’s Sucker Supreme!

kicking off the record is Barbara Ann, a really good track about Rosie’s grandmother – this is a very good opening track, catchy and energetic with an undercurrent of bitterness, and some really good lyrical imagery. Habanero is nice – the chorus here does quite a bit with a little. i also love the way Rosie incorporates the album titles as just like, bits of verses, rather than bigger showy parts of songs. both Different Animals and Trim are good tracks but honestly don’t really do very much for me. For Sale: Ford Pinto, on the other hand, REALLY does. i really like the joy in sorrow and sorrow in joy found in the memories explored here, wrapped up in the title, which indicates that the car mentioned in the song is exiting their life, like this relationship likely did. Ambrosia is one of the first songs by Rosie Tucker i ever heard, and honestly its my absolutely favorite of theirs – honestly one my fave songs period. the longing, the sense of inadequacy rolled up in hope and fear and wanting, its so so so good. the rising “aaaah”s at the end of the choruses breaks me every time. Arrow begins at a much mellow moment following up Ambrosia, despite the more active guitar strumming and almost more worried vocal delivery, but definitely rises to a quite intense vibe. Creature of Slime is fun. Brand New Beast is the other song i’d heard going into this review, and DAMN this one’s bitter and so so good, you can feel the weight of disappointment that’s built up over the length of a relationship, and the delivery of the “you don’t even eat me oUoUoUt” hits so good. Airport’s good, riffing on the same dysfunctional vibes, with a really strong guitar opener. Dog’s fine – the bridge shifting the metaphor almost doesn’t work until i remembered how much breathing has been brought up on this record. Clinic Poem is a short song capturing a heavy moment. Peach Pit feels like the empty moments after it falls apart, seeing it all around you. How Was It? is a shorter, kinda abrasive outro song. between the last few tracks, feels like a deliberate denial of closure, haha.

faves -Barbara Ann, For Sale: Ford Pinto, Ambrosia, Brand New Beast
dislikes –

yeah this was a very good record – i feel like Sucker Supreme is a really good album title, capturing the vibes of wanting to be open, to see good and to be loved, but getting suckered in over and over. very neat musical experimentation, with songs like Airport and Arrow, with some extremely moving vocal performances like Ambrosia and Brand New Beast. def a very very good record.

Sucker Supreme – 8/10

when i was planning this discography review out, this was supposed to be the end, but while writing my thoughts up i discovered that Rosie has an album coming out this Friday, Tiny Songs Vol. 1. so we’ll be getting in an on-time review on a new release and checking that out next week!

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