morning folks! we’re kicking off a brand new discography this week – we’re taking a look at the work of Rosie Tucker, a musician out of LA. i was exposed to a bit of their work off their recent work, so i’m excited to see how they got there and see what else they’ve got! first up is Lowlight, their debut record from 2015!

My Own Fall starts off the record, and it’s coming out the gate swinging – really dig this track, especially the way it kinda falls into the chorus. Beautiful Machine is the “title” track, and i really really like how it’s just Rosie and the guitar, but the layered extra voices leading out of the chorus is phenomenal. plus, this one’s just got some really good lyrics. Fixer Upper has some more frantic plucked guitar and some rougher mixing, but has a very neat metaphor of a fixer upper house for a relationship that’s nice. Like a Light’s a nice track – reminds me a lot of the bits of Kimya Dawson i’ve heard, and this track has a lot of spite that’s fun to indulge in, haha. The Fly’s p good, but not one that impacts me much. Hindsight is heartbreakingly tragic – a song reflecting on the suicide of a former friend. Voice 31 is a nice transitional track. Man is back to a more somber, tragic subject. very moving track. Sorrow Sleeps closes out the record -a nice, slightly brighter moment to leave things on.

faves – My Own Fall, Beautiful Machine, Man
dislikes –

this was a great record – Rosie was playing with some singer-songwriter and folk sounds here, and there’s some phenomenal lyrics backing up the very fun instrumental work. it’s a bit rough around the edges, production wise, but i dont think it’s rough in ways that detract super heavily from the overall package. so many of these tracks are hopeful, but sad, and i think it’s a very very solid debut record!

Lowlight – 7/10

next week, we’re taking a look at their next record, Never Not Never Not Never Not, from 2019

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