morning folks! we’re wrapping up our discography review of Rosie Tucker with a record that literally just came out last Friday, Tiny Songs Volume 1. these tracks also have visual components that are a collaboration with 14 visual artists – the visual album version can be found here. i’ll make note of visuals elements that really stand out, but otherwise i’ll be talking mostly about the music here.

the first track, Wet On the Inside (visuals by with Vanesa De La More) is a really strong start. “on account of the blood” is a strong second line twist, haha. Graveyard (visuals by Ramona Sharples) uses some really frantic drum machine work here, v creative usage of that sound. Bigger Than My Stomach (visuals by Tyler Weitz) has some great vaporwave visuals, and the song is extremely straightfoward and beautiful. 6 Billion (visuals by Tyler Weitz) and Hot Spring (visuals by Ailadi) are companions on the tracklisting, and damn they’re both really good. 6 Billion is pop punkier, and i really dig the vocals on this one. the chunky, heavy bass that comes in to join the guitar intro on Hot Spring drives an excellent beat, and it’s really good too. Gap Toothed (visuals by with Vanesa De La More) is aight – the spacier sound is neat but just fine for me. Getting Better Sucks Shit (visuals by Monica Moore-Suriyage) is delightful, just the vocals and the acoustic guitar. wonderful song. I Talked To the Stars (visuals by Tyler Weitz) is a funny little track, and it’s companion Sick of the Moon (visuals by Tiffany Yue) is a neat electronic song. i’m not huge on either but they’re nice. Hellraiser (visuals by Monica Moore-Suriyage) has a very strong visual component – the little micro-film addressing self-image and dysphoria is almost TOO strong, and in the couple times i digested them together it distracted from the sonic component in ways im not sure the other tracks do. Doom Comin (visuals by Rosie Tucker) has a very funny Segway/segue joke here, haha. Fizzy Water (visuals by Tyler Weitz) is definitely one of my faves, and the visual component here is one of the strongest – i really like the “people can change” cans crumpling when the second half of the line twists the “and they usually don’t” knife. The Desert Is An Hourglass (visuals by Mal Hauser) is a atmospheric, quieter moment leading into the end. Thought We Were The Same (visuals by Mal Hauser) is a very very good bookend, calling back to Wet On the Inside’s themes of being consumed by another. very good closer.

faves – Bigger Than My Stomach, 6 Billion/Hot Spring, Getting Better Sucks Shit, Fizzy Water
dislikes –

this is a zine of a record. i know the gut reaction would be to say that EPs are the zines of records, but i feel like those are more like novellas or short stories when compared to records. this is very much a zine, and there’s def a punk ethos at play here in the “get in, do the sound, get out” with these too. i think this was a really strong project – each individual track has a bunch packed into it, and the overall package deals with the ends of relationships, moving on after a period of stagnation, and finding new space to explore, and i feel like the sorta short-visual-album format is a really strong way to express that. def had fun, and def interested in a volume 2, haha.

Tiny Songs Volume 1 – 8/10

the next discography poll ended in a tie so i called in a tiebreaker (my spouse), and the next discography review is going to be the Mountain Goats! i’ll be back next Monday to kick that off. see y’all then!

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