morning folks! we’re continuing our look at Rosie Tucker’s discography today with 2019’s Never Not Never Not Never Not

Gay Bar is a great opening song – dreamlike and delicate, a perfect vibe for recounting a surreal experience. Spinster Cycle is another great song – an experience in a laundromat where each moment feels momentous. neat! Real House Music is a very cool track – shifting away from the literal and towards longing and yearning and almosts. Fault Lines is a song about California and also not – really like the chuggy guitar and bass here, and how it breaks out in the section after the first verse. Call It Awful is a short transitional track. ooooh i feel very mixed about Habit. the choruses here work so so so well, but those strange talk-singy verse take me out of it most of the time. Never Not, the title track (though Real House Music takes a moment to use the phrase as well), is another shorter track – p good. i was introduced to Lauren quite some time ago because of the Cheekface cover, and yeah this track kicks ass. great choice for a cover, haha. didn’t catch the planting for the next track in the lyrics here though, haha. Shadow of a Doubt is a great track – mixing tree metaphors with the phrase that titles the track, there’s some very good lyricism in here, and i really like this song. Icebergs is fine – it drifts a bit, and i think it just doesn’t quite engage me as much as some of the other stuff here has. Pablo Neruda picks it up to round out the record.

faves – Gay Bar, Fault Lines, Lauren, Shadow of a Doubt
dislikes –

this record definitely took a bit longer for me to dig into, but man is it really nice. some of the tracks here show a ton of growth in terms of mood, and mixing/mastering, and lyricism, and i def think this is a big improvement over Lowlight (which i enjoyed a lot)

Never Not Never Not Never Not – 7/10

next week, we’ll wrap up the Rosie Tucker discography with Sucker Supreme!

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