welcome back folks! it’s been a pretty quick journey but we’ve arrived at the most recent Video Age record, 2020’s Pleasure Line!

Pleasure Line starts off with its title track – a groove, funky, laid back track, a ballad to kick us off. an honestly? it works. the hook on this track is infectious, the longing is palpable, and the track just sweeps you up. great track. keeping things mellowed, Maybe Just Once is a pleasant track. not outstanding, but the bright keys and bass form a very interesting core for this track. the solo feels… a little out of place but i’m not complaining. Blushing is a sensuous, sexy track. i get really into this one, ngl. Aerostar is the track i went into this discography knowing, and honestly, after listening to everything, it’s the shining gem of this band’s work. this is a flawless track, a pinnacle of their musical style. no notes. Aerostar until i die. Comic Relief is another certified jam. i don’t feel strongly about Sweet Marie. it’s fine. Shadow On The Wall is the single from this record, and yknow what i can see why. this is an incredibly good track. excellent hook, strong, weird synths, fun lyrics, good track. That Can’t Be feels like an Animal Crossing track, and i mean that in the nicest, most positive ways possible. this is a track made for dusk over the ocean. great vibes, p good track. Meet Me In My Heart is kind of a mellow, emotional closing statement for the record. v tender, v nice. Good To Be Back is a fun, tongue-in-cheek closing track, a retrospective about being back in the swing of things again. an extremely wholesome way of closing a record. i dig it.

faves – Pleasure Line, Blushing, Aerostar, Comic Relief, Shadow On The Wall
dislikes –

this record came together extremely nicely for me. some very laid back tracks that carry you along like a breezy, some funky, dancier tracks, this record’s got some real fun variety to it. the musical and vocal performances are snappy where they need to be, and there’s just a really excellent energy to this record. i had a blast.

Pleasure Line – 8/10

thanks for joining me on this journey y’all! we’re all caught up with Video Age, and honestly, i’m quite excited for more. fun sound all the way through.

based on prior suggestion, our next discography is going to be another shorter one: we’ll be looking into the works of New York band Mother Feather! swing back by next week for their debut record, Mother Feather!

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