welcome back folks! we’re kicking off a brand new discography review today with Video Age, a New Orleans rock band consisting of guitarist and vocalist Ross Farbe, drummer Ray Micarelli, bassist Nick Corson, and keyboardist Duncan Troast. Their first record, Living Alone, was released in 2016, and it’s what we’re looking at today!

Living Alone kicks off with Throwing Knives – as i listened to this album more i came to really appreciate both the little sound effect at the start of this and that beautiful bright riff that forms the core of this song. this one’s a ton of fun. Virtual Man is… fine. it’s fine. it’s a neat, spacey little track, but it just kinda passes me by every time. Regulars has an excellent driving beat to it – this one’s neat. plus that solo’s sick. No Future was the first track to really jump out at me on this record. the sharp shift in tone between the chorus and the bridge where they say the name of the track is just so sweet. i keep using “mall music” to describe this like, specific type of electronic influence light rock with spacey elements to it, and the intro and synth hooks in Dance Square are perfect examples. it’s like fucking butter to me. i adore this track. finishing out an absolutely stellar middle core of this record, i think Love Sick had the most staying power for me. i was singing this song for days after the record. damn. what an earworm. Cruise Control FEELS like shifting into a b-side of a record. it’s definitely not, but it’s got that kinda vibe to it. this track definitely has its moments. Steady Rollin is fine. absolutely adore the beat on Living Alone, the reinforcement with the bass and drums even before the guitar kicks in. the track feels off-kilter in a really fun way. i dig it. Reprise closes us out with a very pleasant instrumental track.

likes – Throwing Knives, No Future, Dance Square, Love Sick, Living Alone
dislikes –

yeah on the whole this was a really good listen. the hooks were good, the melodies were pleasant, and this was a very fun debut record. i unfortunately don’t have much to say in depth about the record as a complete package, other than i felt it was a really good time.

Living Alone – 7/10

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