next on the trip through Green Day’s discography, we’re checking out kind of a strange release. in 1990, Green Day released an EP entitled Sweet Children, which was a collection of songs that they had been playing at the time but that predated their 1,000 Hours release. the name of the EP comes from the band’s name before they became Green Day. these days, this release is packaged with their next LP, Kerplunk!, because it was included as a bonus with the CD release of that record.

mmm ngl not really into Sweet Children (the track). i def appreciate the commentary on like, shitty behavior, but i’m just not a fan of this one. Best Thing in Town is a little sloppier, a little more messy. it’s a neat sound but the lyrics don’t do a ton for me and musically it’s just aight. when they go all out in the solo they pull me in but the vibes over the rest of the track are just ooookay. Strangeland is a weird one for sure. vocal performance on this one ain’t quite for me. My Generation is a p interesting cover of the track by The Who. neat solo, and i like the little sound bite they added in.

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yeah this is a neat inclusion because it seems like they were still playing these songs live at the time, but honestly this EP really feels like it belongs with 1,000 Hours (which like… it does, these songs were all written before those on 1,000 Hours). interesting as a window into their songwriting at the time but ultimately not super engaging to me.

Sweet Children – 3/10

next time, we’ll be taking a look at Kerplunk!

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