alrighty, we’re back with Green Day’s 1991 record, Kerplunk! with this record, Green Day shifts to look like it would for the majority of it’s lifespan, with John Kiffmeyer leaving the band and drummer Tré Cool stepping in. this record would also be their most popular to date, and would be the record that would put them on the notice was for major labels. let’s check it out:

2,000 Lightyears away has a real catchy – this one’s a real fun opener for the record. would honestly really like to see a ska cover of this track, its halfway there already. One for the Razorbacks is a nice little track. there’s some fun stuff on this one for sure. i knew i recognized Welcome To Paradise, but i probably am more familiar with the version on the next record, Dookie. still, this one’s got a great energy to it – the chorus is catchy, and damn the drums do not let up here. Christie Road is pleasant, but largely i’m pretty middling on it. i don’t like Private Ale. Dominated Love Slave is funny. i’m still on the fence if its a good song or not but it’s very funny, in a way i don’t think Private Ale is. One of My Lies has some MAD early Goldfinger vibes, in a good way. 80’s extremely fun too, and its neat to see a bit of the backstory on some of these tracks that are shifting away from unrequited pining and towards something a little more developed, haha. Android is just aight. No One Knows is the other really slower track, and i think fits a little better thematically and in sequence versus Christie Road. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield reminds me, once again, that damn these boys can write a fucking chorus huh. Words I Might Have Ate has promise in its core, but ngl this one feels underbaked. and kinda lame as a closer too.

faves – Welcome To Paradise, One of My Lies, 80
dislikes – Private Ale

yeah this one’s still really rough around the edges but there are places where there’s some real gems shining through – when they’re in a good groove the instrumental components form a frantic, driving pace that complements Armstrong’s vocal performances, and its real fun to listen to. there’s still enough here that’s either underdeveloped or unsatisfying that i feel pretty middling about it as a complete package, but i am excited for what i’m seeing developing.

Kerplunk! – 4/10

next time we check out their major label debut, Dookie.

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