time for the last release that was a part of 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, it’s Slappy:

alrighty, Slappy starts off with Paper Lanterns. this has a great little bit at the end of the choruses that i like a lot. this one feels a lot more mature than the equivalent tracks on the last two releases. Why Do You Want Him? is apparently about Armstrong being upset about his mom’s choice in romantic partner after his dad passed, which is not what i would’ve expected the track to be about. neat. 409 in Your Coffeemaker is a little meh in places, but is largely p good. Knowledge is dumb but in a very fun way. oh, i’m realizing this is an Operation Ivy cover – i really dig the way more laid back vibes on this cover. very fun.

faves – Paper Lanterns, Knowledge
dislikes –

yeah this was a real short EP, haha. nice and to the point. i had fewer issues with the themes here, but i felt some of the performances were a little more… straightforward? plain? than those on 39/Smooth. plus the mixing felt a little flatter, which was a shame. still probably the strongest of the releases that got bundled into this compilation.

Slappy – 5/10

next up is another EP, Sweet Children!

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