as picked last week, i’m reviewing Green-House’s 2020 EP Six Songs For Invisible Gardens:

Peperomia Seedlings kicks off the record – real soft marimba tones and pleasant water sound effects. very serene and calming. Sansevieria opens by pairing long keyboard chords with bird sound effects, and if feels like stepping into a quiet glade or meadow in the morning. the bird sounds continue when the keyboard is joined by some light strings, but the vibes stay quiet calm throughout. Parlor Palm continues the bird sound effects, and they’re joined this time by some lovely synths. those synths develop into the melodies of Perennial Bloom, potentially the most active and forward song on the record. this is def my fave track of the record. Soft Meadow returns to the keyboard for the melody and the synths here are more… warbly? wavey? this track’s aight for sure. Xylem closes out the release with some quiet and almost somber tones. a fitting end; it almost feels like a lullaby, or the early evening.

faves – Perennial Bloom
dislikes –

i’m not sure i would’ve ever picked this record up on my own – not a lot here really grabbed me, but i think that was the point. but honestly i found it a very pleasant listen. there is something incredibly calming about the music here, and it really does kind of feel like music for plants, or maybe music that would have been made for plants. either way, this would be excellent meditation music.

i def like the flow of the record – each song feels like it builds on or develops off of the song before it. it’s clearest on Parlor Palm into Perennial Bloom, where the bird sounds slowly fade and the synths slowly come forward, but i can def hear it on other places in the record.

Six Songs For Invisible Gardens – 5/10

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