so back in 2017, i had an idea to fill a Discord music bot’s auto-queue with ska music (i still really enjoyed the name i came up for it: The Rude Bot), to create an endless ska radio in our discord server. i never really got that side of it up and running, but it was my first experience with doing full discography reviews.

rather than repost all those reviews, which were in a different format and also 5 years old at this point, i’m going to DRASTICALLY expand the scope, and dig into some ska music! last time i picked artists based on suggestion and did what i’m doing with my discog reviews now, but this time i’m starting back in 1960 and moving forward chronologically.

a quick note on the early artists here: when i had the idea for this reboot last year i had a hard time finding full albums for the early jamaican ska music, and was going to spend the first decade covering singles as well as albums. but, uh… those singles lists get pretty big and i ended up doing more research than listening so i’ll be sticking to records. additionally, many of these artists drift in and out of playing ska music as the genre’s popularity waxed and waned and especially the earlier artists moved towards reggae, so i won’t be doing full discog reviews until the bands that got started in the 80s.

for a full list of artists whose music i’ll be covering, i’m setting up a page on the site, which will also go over some of the guidelines of the project. hope y’all check it out!

the first record we’ll be looking at is Derrick Morgan’s Forward March