yknow it’s been a real busy month for music and it’s not looking like it’s slowing down. let’s check out Mystery Skulls’ newest LP – Beam Me Up:

Beam Me Up kicks off with Pleasure, and yknow what i am already loving where this is going. smooth, buttery vocals, and some really funky, disco grooves, hell yeah. this track is really good but gets a lil repetitive for me in its back half, ngl. Put My Records On is a real smooth one – i really like this track quite a bit. the bridge on this one feels real nice. Be With You brings the energy back up a bit, extremely fun track. the little guitar teases are a neat touch. Keep On Living feels a bit more like Put My Records on – solid low(er… still pretty high) energy groove for sure. All Time High is def one of my fave songs on the record. catchy jam, fun vocal deliveries, great track. the title track, Beam Me Up focuses on its vocal chorus, which works p well here. some of the processing is a little heavier handed but, but like i said it works. Time Machine’s really stripped down intro isn’t quite my jam, but i really like the mellow verses and the simple hook on the chorus is fun. i REALLY like what it does after the 3 minute mark, really shifting into some more playful spaces. 3000 Lightyears is kinda silly but they finally bring that fucking strutting guitar line out and give it attention front and center like theyve been playing with this whole time so it gets points from me. Invincible is a neat closer. the keys on this track are a really fun touch, but i’m not huge on the chorus here, and that’s a shame cause this song has a really excellent bridge. again, really like this as the closer on the record.

faves – Pleasure, All Time High, Beam Me Up, 3000 Lightyears
dislikes –

alright im gonna level with you: this record is a lil repetitive, and a little samey – there is, imo, a good variety of sounds but there’s no sweeping sonic journeys here, more a nice saunter around the musical neighborhood.

that being said, the neighborhood this album spends its runtime in is one i happen to enjoy a ton. i literally cannot get enough of funk and disco inspired electronica, especially those that are playing in sci-fi themes and space (heh). pipe that shit directly into my veins. i think the hooks on this record are catchy and fun, there’s a lot here to keep your head bobbing and your foot tapping, at minimum. extremely pleasant, and i recommend at least checking it out and seeing if it does anything for ya.

Beam Me Up – 8/10

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