welcome back to the Skaject folks! this week was originally supposed to be a Bosstones record before i realized i hadnt sequenced the 1994 record properly, and after i had i realized the next record is actually Press, by MU330. lets check it out!

Hoosier Love is a pretty fun opener – just a ton of very specific digs at Indianans from the band’s origins in the MO side of St. Louis, even if some of it cuts a bit too close to “lets shit on the folks out in the sticks”. really damn catchy. Fleeba’s a mellower, quieter track. neat lil song. Stuff’s a dumb track about wanting to skip romance for sex – a very fun song. the first part of the chorus, the “you don’t even know how much i care for you / care to see you naked” is dumb but funny. Bagelbird is much swingier – absolutely adore the bass here, and everything theyre doing with the brass. absolutely charming song. delightful. Spilled My Drink is a track about a past romance, reflecting on what made it fall apart. the title track, Press, goes a bit heavier and leans rockier, which is fitting for a moodier track. Didgits is an extremely juvenile track about sucking on toes and honestly, its very much a bop. Danska’s aight. def some good moments here musically but on the whole it feels more misogynistic than a song about a bad romantic partner. Captain is a track about, well, captain america. i like the guitar work here, and the bass is really pulling a lot of weight. i quite like Safety Boots a lot. Kong is about, well, King Kong. some good humor here. Fist Fulla Nuts brings the record to close with what feels like a transphobic note, despite the cheery vibes. the tone seems to straddle the line between the speaker feeling like they should accept something but they cant, ans the speaker getting “tricked” – i may be misreading this, but uh. not great.

faves – Hoosier Love, Stuff, Bagelbird, Didgits, Safety Boots
dislikes – Fist Fulla Nuts

solid record! still some growing pains here, lyrically, but theyre showing some really nice growth musically, ranging from mellower tracks to some heavier sounds, and i found this a very pleasant listen… mostly.

Press – 6/10

next week, we’ll be checking out Sublime’s Robbin the Hood!

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