welcome back to the Skaject folks! we return to Michigan this week for Mustard Plug’s debut with Moon Ska Records, Big Daddy Multitude.

i am familiar enough with the hits from this record that i feel i cant be impartial – Skank By Numbers is one of my favorite ska songs, and Brain On Ska is also high up on the list. both are fun, funny, cachy, dancy, and endlessly joyous. massive massive wins. i’m familiar with Mr. Smiley, Thigh High Nylons and Summertime, either from previous exposure or the previous record. i think theyre all good – Mr. Smiley is my fave of these tracks, but theyre all good listens.

Too Stoopid is kinda a silly track, but in a way i have a hard time holding against it. excellent music here, really really like. look, i know Schoolboy’s supposed to be the funny kind of dumb, but for me its just stupid. a fine listen, but man i cringe at the chorus every time. Ball Park Skank is about a baseball game – a bit less polished than some of the other tracks, but i have a good time with it. i mentioned Thigh High Nylons above, but i wanted to mention since i called Schoolboy dumb that i find the juvenile humor much better executed here in a way that doesnt make me wanna skip the track. Dysfunktional is aight. p solid song. like the saturday night live saxes here, and there some fun split of the guitars in the mix. Alone’s fine too. i feel like i should be more into it based on the horn like and really solid rhythm section, but im less fond of the chorus tbh. Murder In the Tulip City is a funny one – really channeling Weird Al in the vocals. Gum’s got some fun vibes. I Made Love to a Martian is the second ska song ive heard about having a relationshio with a Martian Girl – i like this one, haha. Insomnia’s a bit moodier, but only a little. Average Guy is one i overlooked – i have heard this one quite a bit. pretty solid track about getting robbed at a 7/11. Grow Up is the album closer – its fine. not quite as solid an entry as some of the earlier tracks, but got a good horn hook and some real interesting drumming.

faves – Skank By Nunbers, Too Stoopid, Mr. Smiley, Thigh High Nylons, Summertime, Brain on Ska
dislikes –

this record has some REAL highs, but man its got a lot of filler too – i feel like you could cut it down to like, top ten and have an incredible record. solid if youre in for the extras, but i think it brings it down to a “solid” release overall for me.

Big Daddy Multitude – 7/10

i’ll be taking a break from the Skaject next week as well, but i’ll return the following week with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’s Question the Answers MU330’s Press!

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