hello folks! today we’re kicking off a few weeks of catching up on releases from past discography reviews. first up this week is an entry to a discography that’s still mostly in the vault – it’s Crisis of Faith, the 2022 release from Canadian rock band Billy Talent –

first up is a double-length track, Forgiveness I + II. i really quite enjoy Forgiveness I, especially the ending as it transitions out – Forgiveness II is nice and effective as a denouement but not quite as good. Reckless Paradise is probably my fave track here – the first half, before the first chorus, builds nicely, and the song kinda riffing in the back half with the chorus is fun. I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better) is a solid track of encouragement, and a nice touch after Reckless Paradise, thematically. The Wolf is a more pensive song, and touches on battling illness and loss. Reactor’s p good! dig this one a fair bit. Judged is an interesting shift, the vocal delivery threw me off near the beginning, and i kinda like where theyre going here. Hanging Out With All the Wrong People is aight. End Of Me is a lot mellower of a track and collabs with Rivers Cuomo. this one feels very Mad Caddies, personally. One Less Problem is also just fine. For You is a romantic track to bring things to a close.

faves – Reckless Paradise
dislikes –

yeah this was aight. about what i was expecting based on my memory of the last record. my big thing here is that it feels like they build some solid momentum and it kinda drifts out to the back half of the record. not a fatal flaw at all, but like, it exists in miniature in Forgiveness and then plays out on the rest of the record. solid entry, but im more likely to revisit specific tracks than the whole record in the future.

Crisis of Faith – 5/10

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