welcome back to the Skaject folks! this week it’s a fun debut record for me – we’re taking a listen to 1994’s Who Is, This Is?, the first full length record from Voodoo Glow Skulls, who are actually from my hometown! neat!

Insubordination leads with a fun sample, then launches into a breakneck song about a lil rebellion. good track. really enjoyed the Craxy Train riff leading the song and the joke about Ozzy at the end. Dirty Rats is an odd one. some fun moments here. Give In has a few different segments that dont blend together super cleanly. “Jimmy crack corn, i dont give a fuck” is a pretty funny line tho, not gonna lie. You’re the Problem feels similarly – a bit more cohesive for sure tho. Sin Berguensa (Mi Habla Español) is a fun song. kinda mad that the lyrics are so tough to track down on this one. Wife and Kid is about a dude falling into the family life really young, and being unable to experience youth without those heavier responsibilities. def coming at it from a “wasting his youth” kinda angle, which makes sense seeing a 17 year old that feels tied down and unable to pursue their dreams. not a fan of Country Phuck. Dogpile’s pretty good though, and i like what theyre doing lyrically. the Here Comes the Sun cover is more funny than anything, haha. Too Many Secrets is fine. kinda appreciate the brevity on Cheap Guy. La Migra (Mas Español) is another p solid track – horns are putting in some work on this one. Ugly Stick’s also kinda bad, in the mean-spirited for no reason kinda way. i do like Mr. Bossman quite a bit – really captured a specific mood, haha. the bonus track, Revenge of the Nerds, is fine but i kinda liked ending the record on “i quit!”

faves – Insubordination, Mr. Bossman
dislikes – Country Phuck, Ugly Stick

this def feels like a punk band first and a ska band second, haha. no shade intended on their horn second, but between composition and mixing it def takes a backseat.

i think my biggest thing is that a bunch of the tracks here feel like they go on a bit too samey, even with a short runtime. i do like the faster section of the record in the middle, personally. not the most grevious sin, but this def feels longer than its 35 minite runtime to me.

decent first outing, but im not super into this one.

Who Is, This Is? – 4/10

next week, it’ll be our final 1993 record, Big Daddy Multitude, released by Mustard Plug!

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