hello folks! today we’re looking at MISSIO’s most current record, at time of writing, VILLAIN.

Villain, the title track, opens the record, and its pretty solid! a bit reflective, a bit moody, and hitting a few different sonic palettes along the way. im not huge on Demons – the hook doesnt do much for me and they lean kinda heavy on it. Say Something goes for a much harder sound. very interesting branch out, musically, for them. not sure how i feel about the track as a whole but theres parts here i really do dig. I Wanna Fight And You Know It seems to be a track about being down in the dumps. chorus and verses here seem a tad mismatched, tho the cummulative effect does match the kind of dark isolated place its trying to evoke so i think it works overall. do quite dig the chorus on We Are Who We Are – ive said it before and ill say it again, MISSIO can nail a soaring, anthemic chorus that invites you to sing along. i was not expecting to like #gimmeakiss as much as i ended up liking it – theyre playing real dirty here, and those pulsing bass synths really do something here, haha. Does Anybody Love me is aight. the sound theyre going for here is solid but im not super into it. Failure To Comply is pretty good – a kind of anti-ballad, haha. Picture In My Pocket plays things much more somberly – a fairly romantic song, overall. To the Universe brings things to a hopeful close, hoping for some positive progress.

faves – #gimmeakiss
dislikes –

kinda hit and miss on this record for me. as has become more common for them, i appreciate the shifts in style here – Picture In My Pocket is extremely different from Say Something, and the diversity of sound is very nice and refreshing over the runtime – but theres some parts of this that feel like taking a step back towards their first record. theres def parts of that i appreciate, but i think on the whole i connected with this record a lot less than i had been.

VILLAIN – 4/10

next week, we’ll take a look at some of the EPs they released in 2023!

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