welcome back to the Skaject folks! this week we’re checking out Ska Voovee, the 1993 release from The Skatalites!

Police Woman kicks off the record, and most of the track is horns doing some very good solos over some solid ska rhythms – i think it was neat how they open with an extremely modern guitar intro, and the rest of the track being very classically ska. Skafrica is gonna kill me – theres a segment of this track that is so familiar and i cannot for the life of me place it. Skandy feels extremely quaint, haha. extremely killer trumpet on this song, and there’s some interesting variation in the syncopation of the rhythm guitar here. The Don is split into two parts. the first part features a fun “call and response” from the different brass, which is extremely charming. Part II has some neat moments, but feels a bit flatter overall. i think Skapan’s fine. really enjoy the main horn melody in Ska Boss. not.. huge on Oriental Ska. Skamaica feels extremely celebratory – extremely pleasant. Skalifornia’s fine. ots mellow in a nice way. Skanhattan feels like its gonna go way one in its open but then drops the piano elements and plays it much more straightforward. i do enjoy the bandstandy track as is, but i did kinda wanna know where they were going with it, haha. i dig Ska Voovee, which closes things out, but it doesnt start bringing really new stuff in till the end here.

faves – Police Woman
dislikes –

Ska Voovee, as an instrumental record, is gonna be a bit tough for me to break down – i think i have a bit less to say about instrumental arrangements unless its specifically tied to theme or there’s some clear standout sections, and not gonna lie this whole record is pretty damn solid. extremely solid performances throughout, and pleasant and fun compositions with a few really neat moments spread in throughout. if youve been missing the jamaican ska sound or been digging what TSPO has been bringing to the table, give this one a shot.

Ska Voovee – 7/10

next week, we’ll be taking a look at Who Is, This Is? from the Voodoo Glow Skulls!

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