hello folks! we’re returning to our Missio review this week with their third record, Can You Feel the Sun

Can You Feel the Sun is a slower, moodier opening to the record. very pleasant song, musing on belief and faith, and a solid opener, if setting a slightly different tone then they have in the previous records. i really like Losing My Mind – the strings here are used in really fun ways. Vagabond’s pretty solid. the Esoteric feature is my favorite part of the song. Wolves is aight. interesting that this is based on a true story. Don’t Forget to Open Your Eyes was released around the same time as Can You Feel the Sun, which makes a lot of sense to me. its quiet, and lounging, and focused on remembering thst things can be ephemeral, a vibe thats captured really well in the chorus. ironically, they lead into the back half of the record with Hoodie Up, a song about withdrawing, to a point, haha. Cry Baby feels like a healthier version of the “fuck you im doing my own thing” theyve made songs about in the past, haha. Roman Empire is a pretty good track, even if the metaphor feels a tad out if place with some of the other songs here. We All Burn to the Ground feels like grappling with a lot of internal Christian trauma, and embracing a kind of positive nihilism, which is kinda running through the whole record. i really like Day Dreaming, both as a track and a closer. fun song.

faves – Losing My Mind, Day Dreaming
dislikes –

dunno that i have a ton to say about this one – MISSIO’s taking some steps out musically, which i think continues to pay off, and lyrically i think this was very solid. in some looking into the lyrics, i saw that the COVID lockdowns loom kinda large over this record, which makes sense given that its clearly written to process some stuff. a very introspective album.

Can You Feel the Sun – 5/10

next up is VILLAIN, released in 2022.

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