welcome back to the Skaject folks! this week we’re taking a look at Return of the Big Guns, a reunion record from the Skatalites in 1984. gonna say up front – this album’s instrumental and i am no music expert, so forgive me if i’m unable to dig too deep on this record.

After the Rain kicks us off – a kinda dark, mellow track that i think absolutely kicks ass. horns are doing some fun stuff, and i love the way the piano, bass and drums kick back in the background after setting up the rhythm at the start. i enjoy Passing Through but i’m not as big a fan. Reasoning’s a lot slower of a track but i think it plays with the tempo p well. Jogging’s aight. another mellower track, this time a little, what, loungier? v nice sax here. Meet to Come is the first track on the b side. it’s fine. the bridge and the back end of the track are really where it shines though. Pep-Hep Lift does what it says on the tin, haha. nice peppy track. Eastern rock has a few solos that i REALLY like. Mission closes out the record extremely nicely. good song.

faves – After the Rain
dislikes –

yeah this is a p good instrumental ska record. it’s a little mellower and laid back than i normally seek out, but it’s extremely pleasant, and i def recommend folks check it out even just as background music.

Return of the Big Guns – 6/10

next week, it’s another Madness record with Keep Moving!

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