hello folks! this week for the weekly review, we’ll be checking out the newest release from TWRP, Digital Nightmare.

Digital Nightmare is our instrumental intro – the first bits are reminiscent of computer startup sounds, and then it transitions into a very very cool electronic instrumental track. when the guitar kicks in its just excellent. rad opener. Content 4 U is a really catchy track about the ways that algorythmic platforms can warp the act of creation to being a grind – the verses talk about wanting connection but the darker “feed the machine”s surround those sentiments. Dream Vacation is a fun lil song about escaping into infinite possibilities on the web. HTMLOVE is a sweet, tender lil romance song. smooth and groovy, with a fun lil bit of humor with internet lingo. was extremely happy to see Tom Cardy and Montaigne here for Online – i have been losing it to Tom Cardy’ song H.S. recently, and i loved that song because of how closely it landed to TWRP’s sound, so to have them providing vocals here is great. definitely a more level headed song than i expected from him, but the finished package is an extremely fun song with some great grooves and a killer chorus, really letting him go all out. Dance Floor Cold War reminds me a lot of Phantom Racer, going hard on the melodrama and story construction for the song, and providing some killer guitar riffs throughout. Dare to Dream is a really cool instrumental track – ends a lil abruptly for me, but i get it. Firewall borrows some glam rock style for its intro, haha. Jazz Emu guests on International Business Systems and provides the internet funnyman collaboration i was waiting for, haha. Ladybug is catchy as hell and an incredibly warm track, i absolutely love it. probs my fave track on the record, tbh. Again and Again’s fine as a transitional track, likely the weakest one here though.A Human’s Touch was the single leading up to the release, and its an excellent choice for a closer, flipping the script on the record’s focus of human interaction with technology. guess vocalist McKenna Rae knocks it out of the park and brings things home extremely well – theyre channeling some real ABBA vibes here, and i mean that very positively.

faves – Digital Nightmare, Content 4 U, Online, Dance Floor Cold War, International Business Systems, Ladybug, A Human’s Touch
dislikes –

tight concept on this record – its an album about the internet, aesthetically, musically, and thematically. TWRP is leaning into much more “digital” sounds while keeping the spirit of their electronic funk from previous records. theyre bringing on great collaborators for this one, and the full record flows really well, makes you wanna move your body, and is just a great time. exactly the kind of jam i wanna hear from TWRP.

Digital Nightmare – 9/10

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