welcome back to the Skaject folks! our record today is our first skaject record from 1992 and the second record from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, More Noise and Other Disturbances!

Awfully Quiet, the opening track, is def my fave here. really had fun with this one lyrically, and its got an excellent energy to it, and i really like how they handle the post chorus, focusing mostly on horns and leaving Barrett to just repeat the song title. tho i gotta admit i really dig songs about being loud, haha. we’ve heard Where’d You Go, which covers someone dealing with a breakup (or, seemingly, refusing to even recognize it until the bridge), as it was the title track of the EP leading up to this record. still good. Dr. D is pretty solid. paints an interesting picture of a band practice space, haha. It Can’t Hurt is another really strong track – the let the horns sit front and center in the mix, and i dig the drumming a ton. What’s At Stake brings some darker tones to try to intervene for a friend with a drug problem. Cowboy Coffee is another of my fave tracks, reflecting on the state if the band. i fucking love the line and delivery if “i wasnt born rich im good looking instead”. I’ll Drink To That is a celebratory song about a good show at a dive bar. big fan. Guns and the Young comments on the effects access to firearms has on youth culture. the intro here, with the tv clips overlaying with the heavy toms and Barrett repeating the firearms, works well. the different movements the track moves through def helps convey the sense of paranoia theyre trying to build. effective song. He’s Back is also a celebratory track – Big D and the Kid’s Table has a track about someone getting back from military service and i think my first reads way back when were in line with that, but after closer consideration i think its more about someone who What’s At Stake may have been about, having finally kicked their bad habits. Bad in Plaid is a funny song about a fun fashion choice. They Came To Boston evokes a kind of anti-gentrification, even if the track is mostly aimed at tourists and college students.

faves – Awfully Quiet, Where’d You Go, It Can’t Hurt, Cowboy Coffee, I’ll Drink To That, He’s Back
dislikes –

yeah i gotta stand by my prior assessment as the Bosstones’ second best (or maybe best!) record. there’s a lot of very fun enegy and experimentation here, and a lot of the rough edges feel less unprofessional and more punk. thematically, this record deals with a lot of the highs and lows of their scene in Boston, and ultimately i really like this record.

More Noise and Other Disturbances – 9/10

next up is gonna be Skankin’ Pickle’s Skankin’ Pickle Fever!

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