welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’re looking at our first release from 1991, we’re checking out the Bosstones again with Where’d You Go?

Where’d You Go, our title track here, is good enough that it’ll end up on their next record. im a big fan of this track. the cover of Sweet Emotion is, if nothing else, quite funny. i kinda wish they’d tried to carry the chorus the same way Aerosmith does, rather than shouting it, but its p solid. Enter Sandman is a cover thats a bit more in line with their heavier influences. hard to come at the original on nearly the same wavelength though, but this is a nice tribute. Do Something Crazy was on their previous release, Devil’s Night Out. this one feels a bit rougher around the edges – neat to hear that! Ain’t Talking Bout Love was a bonus track on Devil’s Night Out, and has a fun reference to Night Klub by the Specials on it. fun track, even though the audio quality on this one’s a tad muddy.

faves – Where’d You Go, Do Something Crazy, Ain’t Talking Bout Love
dislikes –

another very fun EP – this feels a bit like connective tissue between Devil’s Night Out and More Noise and Other Disturbances, their next record. i had fun with Devil’s Night, and More Noise was my second favorite Bosstones record on the previous iteration of the Skaject, so it makes sense i had a lot of fun with this one, haha. lotta good early Bosstones here!

Where’d You Go? – 7/10

one final release for this week, next up is Mephiskapheles’ The DEMOn.

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