welcome back to the Skaject folks! today, we’re taking a look at Bones, released on 1991 by Bim Skala Bim!

this record kicks off with the title track, Bones, a more reggae influenced kinda soft-rock. its kinda catchy, but i dont feel strongly any way about it. the transitions in the track also feel a tad stiff. okay, the intro in All For One feels like it woulda made a kick ass intro, and i really like the strumming pattern and percussion on the chorus here. really really like this track about a rogue missile. Wandering Soul is a nice song. very very pleasant. Golden Arm is a neat song – im not sure how i would describe it, but i know a lot of early Mad Caddies stuff played in this space too. i dont really have any thoughts on Days Work and People In the World – i appreciate the attempts to bridge out, esp with the piano and bridge in People In the World, but ultimately they kinda wash over me. At Wo’s is a funny track. the Overture’s fine. In Our Midst has some more Latin influence – p solid track. the closer here is a cover of Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage. legit gets so many points for the ballsiness of the design to do it. may be heretical, but i like it a lot.

faves – All For One, Brain Damage
dislikes –

felt pretty alright about this release. something about it doesnt hit very hard for me, and im having a hars time putting my finger on what it is. maybe that’s a punt from a critical standpoint, but i dunno! it was pleasant to listen to, but i didnt feel strongly about much of it. check it out if youre really enjoying the Bim Skala Bim and see if any of it sticks for you – id love to jear what parts of this record speak to other people.

Bones – 5/10

next week, we’re looking at one of my favorite Mighty Mighty Bosstones releases, More Noise and Other Disturbances

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