welcome back to the Skaject folks! this week, we’re taking a look at a band i haven’t spent really any time with – MU330. formed in 1988 in St. Louis, Missouri, they put out today’s release, Salamander Stew, in 1991.

this record jumps right into a vibe i was not expecting – Sexy Slimey Salamander feels a lot like the type of jazz thar would be on late night talk shows, but the jazz-rock version. absolutely wild. neat song. As Yet Untitled has that ska guitar rhythms through the verses, but the choruses and general vibe are more alt rock, esp for the time. v v interesting mix. Through the Window is more straightforward alt rock, though it feels like theres a bit of gothic influence here. Eat Rite is doing some things i dig, but the track feels largely disconnected from itself, moving a bit too erraticly for me. Not Like That feels a bit like New Wave Ska, and this is a sound id like to see more folks get into, haha. Ham N’ Eggs is fine. Subterranean Groove reminds me of another song i cant place – this track goes back a bit of what Sexy Slimey Salamander does but with a funkier sensibility. this has a wild bridge that plays a lot more straightforward with the ska influences. Tome Niob is a faster, more frantic song. this one feels so close to something id really enjoy, but a bit unpolished, haha. Strawberry Sonday please it a little sleazier, in a fun way. i wish it would commit to a musical vibe for more than a part of a verse – i like the more upbeat, ska-er sections, but i also really dig what theyre doing in the lower, more bass heavier segments. the choruses feel like they have less of an issue with this, but the frequent tempo changes just dont work for me. Be Like Me gets a lot swingier, and in getting into it. Lonely Somebody Dooby is a track im not really able to connect with. its fine. Backwards Love closes out this release. not really a fan of this one, since they go for a moodier vibe that i dont think ends up fitting their style.

faves – As Yet Untitled, Not Like That
dislikes –

Salamander Stew – 5/10

next week, we’re looking at Skankin’ Pickle’s Skafunkrastapunk.

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