welcome back to the Skaject folks! next up on the schedule is the first release from New York band Mephiskapheles! i think i’ve heard one or two songs by them before, but by and large this is my introduction to their work. today’s EP, The DEMOn, was release in ’91 shortly after the band was formed. also, i realized after i started reviewing here that 3 of the 4 tracks are repeated on Mephiskapheles’ debut record, God Bless Satan, and that i normally skip EPs with that much overlap with an LP, but i realized late enough in the process that i’m gonna do it anyway. i may indicate i like a version of a track here and then switch my preference to the album version, but we’ll see.

okay Doomsday kicks so much ass. this is a phenomenal intro to Mephiskapheles. wtf. i love this a lot. Dansmenot (on their next album as Dance Me Not) opens with an incredibly funny sound bite (“IM THE FALLEN ANGEL” *life alert voice* “and i cant get up!”). plus the song’s very fun. Eskamo is a p solid track about a confrontation with a rude boy. not radical stereotypes of Inuit folks, though. Shame and Scandal is a cover of calypso singer Shawn Elliot – really fun song that matches their style of humor, haha.

faves – Doomsday, Dansmenot (Dance Me Not), Shame and Scandal
dislikes –

yeah this was not at all what i was expecting – based on aesthetic i expected this to be a lot closer to ska-core or more metal influenced, but this is incredinly fun, higher tempo revival ska. really really good times, and makes me very excited to listen to the full record.

The DEMOn – 8/10

next week we’re gonna be checking out another new band for both me and the skaject, it’s MU330’s Salamander Stew

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