morning folks! this week continues our discography review of MF DOOM, with our penultimate record, Czarface Meets Metal Face, his collaboration with group Czarface, from 2018!

this collab starts with Take Your Medicine – a quick little intro that combines some samples with some dialogue from our collaborators. transitions cleanly into Meddle with Metal, which has intro verses from each rapper here. p mellow vibes and solid verses. Badness of Madness brings some very slow and menacing beats a few more verses – these three sound very good together, haha. i like the contrast between Czarface’s more overt “dont fuck with us” and DOOM’s verse here quite a bit. Close Talker’s another quick skit – i like how theyre playing a lot of DOOM’s dialogue here like its being sampled. i havent been highlighting a ton of my fave lines but “im so ahead of my time, i dont speak in the right tenses” from Esoteric in Forever People is p good. fucking DOOM’s verse in Captain Crunch FUCKS. not huge on the verses on this one though, and the beat works for most of the track but there are places im not fond of. Don’t Spoil It is a great concept. im not sure i woulda got the references if it wasnt pointed out to me, but i do really like it a lot. Phantoms is my fave track on the record, hands down. loved the Open Mic Eagle feature verse here a ton, and Kendra Morris on the choruses sounds great. Bomb Thrown brings us into the back half of the record – DOOM delivers a meaty fucking verse here, but the long outro on the track feels outta place. You Masked For It is a skit about selling someone masks, i dig it. Astral Travelling has Vinnie Paz delivering the opening verse, but im not huge on it, or the track generally. Nautical Depth was the lead single off the record – p good at building tone on this one, and its kinda weird its this deep in the record, haha. Stun Gun’s fine – the little goofs with DOOM are fun. MF CZAR’s p good too. i like the hook calling back to the intro track. Captain Brunch is an interesting inclusion, as a remix and reworking on Captain Crunch. Sleeping Dogs is our outro here, nothing too complicated.

faves – Phantoms, You Masked For It
dislikes –

aight, first off – i really dug this as a collab. Inspectah Deck and Esoteric bring quality and vibes on par with DOOM’s, and even a lot of their references and jokes fit well together. very fun to hear them take turns on verses. and i really liked how well everything flowed together! especially the first half of the record, it feels like a longer experience broken up into tracks foe convenience.

that being said, some of the references landed great and others flopped, which was unfortunate, and i felt the tracks were a little bit same-y, a bit too uniform in structure and presentation. i’d be very interested to what this record looked like it if had gotten trimmed just a little bit. as it stands though, its very fun with some extremely bright moments.

Czarface vs. Metal Face – 7/10

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