morning folks! this week continues our discography review of MF DOOM, with our final record, Super What, another collaboration with group Czarface!

the first track here is The King and Eye, which opens with a pretty good meta joke, a solid Esoteric verse and DMC on a verse that feels likr a chorus. lot going on here but it works as an intro, i think. Czarwyn’s Theory of People Getting Loose feels a lot more like what was on Czarface vs. Metalface – neat beat, and three pretty good verses from each of the vocalists here. Mando Calrissian has a fun gimmick where the sound ending a verse transitions immediately into the next one, but its just a fine track. DOOMs verse on DOOM Unto Others does some real neat stuff in transitioning his primary rhyme scheme slowly over the verse, its really cool. Jason and the Czargonauts has a line tying their masks to COVID shit which, i dunno, i feel like that had the chance to age poorly but feels funny now. the Del feature was a really fun surprise too! this track was kinda meh the first listen but it grew on me. Break In the Action’s a fun one – the beats weird in a fun way and i have moments i really like on each of the verses. A Name to the Face is a fun skit track sampling a ton of folks talking about, mostly, how cool Czarface are and how to pronounce them, haha. fun inclusion, imo. This Is Canon now is a funny track where Esoteric explains how much he’s stolen from a variety of superheroes. there’s a very stupid joke here that i love a lot where they insert a clip of someone saying “Slade!” after the line about Deathstroke and Deadpool, p fucking good, haha. Godforbid provides a very cool chorus for So Strange. neat DOOM song, haha. and Young World closes us out here – its a really heartfelt closer with some advice to youth. neat.

faves – Break In the Action
dislikes –

yeah this was a really nice iteration on Czarface vs Metalface. it took a lot of what i liked from that record – nerdy, rapid sense of humor, some solid beats, and great performances – and pushed that forward while trimming a lot of fat off the edges. bummer this comes in under a half hour but i would rather have that than it bloated by a bunch of unecessary stuff, esp since they do already use quite a bit of soundbiting here. a fun, if quick, album. a real shame we didnt get to see a third installment

Super What – 7/10

that wraps up our look at the work of MF DOOM! really diverse discography with some really neat explorations.

for the next discography, i’ll be taking a look at Japanese Breakfast, so come back next week for that!

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