morning folks! this week continues our discography review of MF DOOM, with another collab record – this time, it’s 2014’s NEHRUVIANDOOM as NehruvianDoom, with Bishop Nehru –

the Intro here is some samples as a skit, not super impressive here but fine as an intro. Om is a very nice proper opening, with DOOM providing the vocal hook and Nehru on the verses. the beat here’s real fun, and i dig this track quite a bit. Means the Most is a romance track, and from here on most of the vocals are provided by Nehru. the beat work here is fun, especially with how they twist those brass sounds around, but there’s parts of the vocals here that just don’t do it for me, and the extended track outro ain’t doing much either. So Alone, while i understand where it’s coming from, is very funny on a collaborative record. you are very much not alone on this track. Coming For You is a nice like, Act 1 “hero showing their chops” type track. p nice. Darkness is fine as well – the vocal hook’s a little too repetitive but it has a charm to it for sure. Caskets brings in DOOM for more vocals – he def comes in swinging on this track too. i do like that they lead in with the “who’s he gonna learn from” sample, haha. man i always forget that this track has that revenge of the long-ass outro. def feel like that coulda been a skit track for sure. Great Things has a great beat but again that vocal hook doesn’t quite do it for me. Disastrous closes out the record here, and each rapper gives their final verse. i think Nehru’s spitting his best bars here, and DOOM’s got some great lines but nothing beats his final “nothing comes after this”.

faves – Om
dislikes –

yknow i really do like thematic work on this record. after the first couple tracks, the record has that “upstart mentored to meet his destiny” feel, which plays out in the production with DOOM mostly on beats and as vocal support with Bishop Nehru doing most of the bars. i’m kind of less impressed by Nehru’s style though, and it’s hard to judge it fairly coming into the project as part of a DOOM discog review. on the whole, some very bright spots, and cool if you read into the narrative, but probably not a record i’m gonna be returning to a ton.


next up, we’ll be jumping forward to 2018 for DOOM’s collab with supergroup Czarface for Czarface Meets Metalface.

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