welcome back to the Skaject folks! this week, we’re taking a look at the debut record from Hepcat, who got their start in the late 80s in southern California but didn’t release this record until 1993 on Moon Records.

Dance Wid’ Me was a phenomenal surprise – this is an extremely faithful revival track that NAILS the vibe while adding some more modern flavor, and absolutely sets the tone and standard for the record. the piano hook here is simple but infectious, and mmmm those vocal harmonies. great. The Secret’s p good track- some fun sax on this track. Hooligan’s a lot of fun too, for a song imploring troublemakers to settle down. love the syncopation here, it makes you wanna move. Skavez has some truly excellent sax performances, and leans a lot more jazzy in the back half. Miss Congeniality is a darker track, bringing the tempo way down for a song about an unfaithful lover. Clarence Thomas is a very nice instrumental track – a very soothing groove. the solo at the halfway point is just great. really really enjoy it. im just aight on Prison of Love. Earthquake and Fire on the other hand, i really dig. All for You’s aight. I LOVE their Caravan – extremely good performance of this arrangement. Police Woman’s a slower, crooning track with some really funny lyrics, haha. Same O’ Same O’ got some fun upbeat sounds. Train to Skaville really brings the record home with a really fun instrumental conclusion.

faves – Dance Wid’ Me, Skavez, Clarence Thomas, Earthquake and Fire, Caravan
dislikes –

this record was a TON of fun, playing some revival Jamaican ska with an excellent execution of the style and some rhythms and vocals that kick ass. im normally a bit less enthused about the slower or more stripped down tracks, even on the older stuff, but man theyve really got a charm here thats undeniable. really really give this one a spin.

Out of Nowhere – 8/10

next week, it’s another new band to the Skaject with the debut, self-titled record from the Pietasters!

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