hey folks! we’re back with another review From the Vault, this time looking at the work of Billy Talent! this series of reviews covers the band’s whole discography, from 2003’s Billy Talent to what was the most recent record at the time, Afraid of Heights in 2016! this review was originally written in October 2021.

the next band we’re going to be diving into the discography of is Canadian rock band Billy Talent! we’ll be kicking things off with their debut record, released in 2003, Billy Talent

This Is How It Goes is a little rough around the edges but i dig it, and its a great opener. the vocal delivery on the bridge is a little… coarse? but i like it lyrically. upsetting that a song about modern living despair in 2003 still feels like it couldve been written yesterday, but i guess thats where we’re at. Living In the Shadows is a nice reminder of their vocal style flexibility, haha. like, they have three different kinds of voice delivering the chorus here. its a p solid track overall – i really dig the delivery of the title of the song but its not my fave. Try Honesty was their big single, and its interesting because i think its one of the most restrained track on the album. Line and Sinker’s a good one too – theyre doing that three vocal chorus here as well and i really like it. Lies reminds me the most of what i can remember about Billy Talent II, and i think its my fave track on the album. despite what might be expected, i don’t dislike The Ex, its got an extremely catchy chorus, but lyrically it feels a little juvenile. and im not talking about bitching about your ex, i mean like “her new boyfriend’s lame” kinda unpolished, haha. the vocal split on the River Below’s chorus doesnt quite do it for me tbh. and Standing In the Rain has a few component pieces i dig but as a whole package its not one of my faves. i do like the vocal delivery through most of Cut the Curtains, and though the bridge is kinda iffy im still a fan. the heavier style is neat – it feels like a classic metal track, haha. Prisoners of Today really gets into its stride as that final chorus kinda breaks down, which is a shame because i was very middling right up until it started ending. Nothing To Lose to lose is a very affective track – definitely works as the like, emotional crest of the record. i like Voices of Violence, love a good protest song.

faves – This Is How It Goes, Try Honesty, Line and Sinker, Lies, Cut the Curtains
dislikes –

man i wish i had a bit more detailed stuff to say about this, but even after a bunch of listens im still pretty neutral on it. i really like their style here – musically i feel like theyre extremely consistent, but it doesnt feel wildly impressive (though that might because ive already heard BT2, i wonder if id be more impressed by this if it was my introduction to the band). i mentioned it in places, but i like that they mix up their vocals a lot, between their lead singer’s really distinctive crooning to their shout singing to their more screaming kinda delivery.

but yeah i dunno i enjoyed this and its a good debut but it was still kinda overshadowed by BT2. im excited to see how listening to this changes my review of that album.

Billy Talent – 5/10

next week, we’ll take a look at Billy Talent II!

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