welcome back to the Skaject folks! got a short release this week, with the Bosstones’ 1993 EP, Ska-Core, the Devil, and More.

similarly to their last EP, Ska-Core opens with a future track: Someday I Suppose, a sort of prototype for a track that’ll be on the next record. i know ahead of time that i prefer the album version, but this one fits well here and is still a good song. a significantly heavier track, Think Again is a Minor Threat cover, and a neat one! i gotta go check out the original soon. Lights Out keeps a similar energy as an Angry Samoans cover – this one’s real short but sweet. Police Beat, an SS Decontrol cover and anti-cop track, somehow blows right by me most listens despite being twice as long. solid song. they also cover Bob Marley with Simmer Down, and its interesting that the other covers are all harder core or punkier, and this is the only cover of a reggae song here. i like this one a lot. this EP closes out with a live mix of Drugs and Kittens sugue-ing into I’ll Drink to That, with Howwhywuz Howwhyam as a hidden track. i really like this kinda move on an EP, provide more a taste of their live shows and rewards longtime listeners. this particular track im not super fond of, but it does do a pretty good job, haha.

faves – Someday I Suppose, Simmer Down
dislikes –

okay i know i made a whole thing about the last Bad Manners record on the project for being mostly covers, but i kinda like it here. part of thats because its an EP (this under 20 minutes of actual track time) and i definitely think about those differently, but a big part is effective track choice and the fact that the original tracks here are, frankly, a lot better. check this out if you wanna hear them try their hands and a few different bands’ styles.

Ska-Core, the Devil, and More – 6/10

next week we’re checking out Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s Pioneers!

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