welcome back to the Skaject folks! today, we’re taking a look at Fishbone’s 3rd full length record, The Reality of My Surroundings, released in 1991!

Fight the Youth has a really interesting, heavier intro, between the percussion and guitar stylings, and while the rest of the track is a bit more conventional, it carries a lot of that forward. lyrically, it threw me for a loop, but i think i get what it’s putting down. If I Were A… I’d (Part 1) is the first of a few transitional tracks – the ones with this title are performances of a poem by lead singer Angelo Moore. apparently, these are normally played together live, but theyve been split for this record. i think this one’s p funny. So Many Millions tackles some real class and social issues, addressing the album’s title and the state of urban communities. really like this one – its funky as hell, and i think it really works with the lyrics. Asswhippin’ is another transitional track – definitely sounds like an ass whoopin. Housework brings a lot more of the ska sound, and this is a very fun song gripin about doing chores. fun influences here – there’s like a gospel organ and choir they use in places here thats fun to pick out, and its a very vibrant, energetic track. the outro esp, the wailing, chaotic, crescendo is v funny, given the stakes of the song. Deathmarch completes the joke, somberly walking off before the next song. Behavior Control Technician is a track i have a hard time describing. dipping back into the hard rock influences, but definitely putting an interesting twist on it. If I Were A… I’d (Part 2) continues the poem, and im still enjoying it. Pressure definitely lives up to its title, applying some sonic pressure in a variety of vectors. i think this one’s really fun. insane that they keep this level of energy up the whole song – i could feel myself really getting into this song at some point, haha. Junkies Prayer is an incredibly thorough revision of the Lord’s Prayer but from the perspective of an addict. Pray To the Junkiemaker takes it in a completely different direction – this bright, cheery song is a commentary on the grip drugs have on addicts. there’s a bit here or there im mid on (in the bridge, notably, there’s a jab that addiction may drive you to suck dick to get drugs, which, i dunno, feels kinda bad), but overall i like this song. Everyday Sunshine is a very simple, hopeful track, lyrically, with some very fun riffs and movements. this track also really brings the gospel influence. the third part of If I Were A… I’d, is “a society” and this is a short but good one, haha. Naz-Tee May’en is a, well, nasty, fun, and funky song about fuckin’. i like this one, haha. Babyhead’s an odd one. probably the first track here that doesnt really work at all for me. the final If I Were A… I’d wraps it up with the title of the poem (Fuck the Meter Maids), and has a nice little instrumental outro. neat! Those Days Are Gone is a pretty smooth track, with some commentary on greed undermining solidarity. i dig it. closing us out is Sunless Saturday, a track with some really really excellent guitar work. very good track, and a very nice closer.

faves – Fight the Youth, So Many Millions, Housework, Pray To the Junkiemaker, Naz-Tee May’en
dislikes –

legit this one really grew on me – my first couple listens a lot of this just blew by me and didn’t really work for me, but legit there’s a ton of really good work here. pretty seamless blend of funk and harder rock, with a sprinkling of other stuff like ska and gospel thrown in. they also continue commentary on a lot of really deep subjects in a largely solid way, with a few pretty successful jokes mixed in. really nicely paced, some phenomenal performances too. big fan of this one.

The Reality of My Surroundings – 8/10

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