morning folks! this week continues our discography review of MF DOOM, with the final of the 2004 records – MM..FOOD

Beef Rap’s our first track here – some nice skits to kick us off, as is tradition, followed by some great verses about avoiding beef and sticking to the craft. i really like how the like, old cartoon soundtrack vibe is weaved into the whole beat, through the whole track. excellent tone to cultivate. Hoe Cakes is one of the tracks i was most familiar with – the Super! in this track is infectious, and i can’t not love a track that references D.B. Cooper, ngl. i gotta say, i really enjoy the narrative of the skits on this record, it’s a nice lil variation since a lot of the samples have been so directly related to DOOM’s origins (which are still referenced here, but not in the same way). Count Bass D provides some verses of Potholderz, which is a fairly lower key track. got some smooth beats and some good flow here. ooooh apparently One Beer is Madlib produced, originally intended for Madvillainy but at home here instead. neat track. Deep Fried Frenz has just an insanely smooth beat, and DOOM’s verse over this is fan-fucking-tastic. one of my faves on this record. Poo-Putt Platter begins the intermission of sorts – this track’s fine. good usage of these samples. Filet-O-Rapper’s nice. Gumbo is my fave part of the intermission and a highlight of the record, ngl, i adore the wrapper/rapper joke, it’s so good. Fig-Leaf Bicarbonate rounds out the sound bite section very nicely. the “get your machine” into the drum machine of Kon Karne is an excellent gag. Kon Karne’s a very mellow way to ease back into the non-skit tracks. Guinesses features Angelika on the verses and 4ize on the hook, and i really enjoy this track. Angelika’s delivery and flow is a fantastic match for the beat here, and while i’m not huge on the hook it’s a nice pair to the verses. Kon Queso didn’t catch me the first few listens but the wordplay on this one’s DENSE and it’s really delightful. Rap Snitch Knishes features Mr. Fantastik and is definitely the best known track off this record for a reason – i went in with a fondness for this track from prior listens and that opinion only grew. truly sublime beat, Mr. Fantastik is stellar on the hook, and the verses are phenomenal. Vomitspit’s a nice cooldown leading into the closer – this one’s not bad but it kinda just flows by me. Kookies brings an interesting change of pace to close the record – this one’s nice too.

faves – Hoe Cakes, Deep Fried Frenz, Gumbo, Kon Queso, Rap Snitch Knishes
dislikes –

yeah this record has some cosmic highs and at it’s lowest points is still firing on more cylinders than most records. it’s funny and witty and silly without giving up any of the serious topics it’s bringing double entendres for – it’s able to use the wordplay of some of it’s food-themed topics to make some more honest observations in a really cool way. the beats are great, the flow is fantastic, and as a conceptual package i really enjoy it – i’m not sure i can say much more but man this is such a fun record.

MM..FOOD – 9/10

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