morning folks! this week continues our discography review of MF DOOM, this time checking out his second 2004 record and the second under his persona Viktor Vaugn, VV2: Venomous Villain

one of my least favorite sketch songs so far leads the record here – Viktormizer is functional but not really my jam. Back End’s titular joke is really funny – telling folks to sample (as with dub music) his work because he doesn’t make shit off royalties is extremely good. the rest of the track’s nice enough, but it definitely delivers its best line first, haha. Fall Back / Titty Fat has some interesting beat work and some solid flow. DOOM on Vik is cute. nice little transitional track. R.A.P. G.A.M.E. has Manchild and Iz-Real joining DOOM to comment on the state of rap – this one’s got a fun groove and it’s one of the first tracks where i’m like “ooh chorus!” from DOOM. Dope Skill’s got some good sample, and Carl Karkovian brings some nice lines. Doper Skiller bring Kool Kieth on – this one feels a little lyrically short, ngl. i enjoy what they do with the mix after the verses, but still. ah nice return of the quick skits, Haberdashery’s doing good work here. Ode To Road Rage is a dark and moody track, very good at what it’s doing. i dig this quite a bit. damn Bloody Chain is a grim track. glad it’s prefaced with Ode but its still not quite what i was expectin, haha. Poison Pen did p good on this one. Strange New Day is an interesting interlude – kinda ending that short bit of serious tracks. Pop Quiz (Bonus Extra Credit Remix) closes the record with a remix from an Insomniac Inc track featuring Iz-Real. its p good. fine as an ender but a lil strange after that more serious turn.

faves –
dislikes –

i’ll be honest, this one didn’t do much for me at all. definitely a nice listen – none of this is bad, but man it all just kinda washed over me and then vanished. the overwhelming feeling i got was that it was just kinda short. the whole record clocks in at under 40 minutes, and its trying to do a lot really quickly in that time. like, i really do like what he was doing between the two skit tracks near the end but it feels like a distraction given that its only two tracks.

VV2: Venous Villain – 5/10

next up is the last of the 2004 albums, it’s an MF DOOM record, MM..Food.

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