welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’re looking at 1972’s Dance Cleopatra Dance, by Prince Buster –

starting this record with Dance Cleopatra – got a nice melody and rhythm to it, but just aight for me, overall. this record brings along a couple hit singles to the mix, the first of which is Madness. ive talked about this track before, way back on I Feel The Spirit in 1963; im a fan, and i absolutely see how this track became part of Buster’s impact on the next generation of musicians. Take It Easy is a nice mellow time. Oh Love is very pleasant, and im a fan of the little spoken transition he does here. Times To Risk has a very nice groove, but aint too exciting. i know 007 (Shanty Town) is another of his bigger tracks, and i do enjoy it, but i feel like this is a track that will burrow into my brain in another few listens. Come To Jamaica is a fun lil track. having a good time with this one. look Cincinnati Kid has a FANTASTIC beat to it, but the vocal bits get a little old. i cant find what i said last time with this track, but i wish he’d let the music do just a lil more of the talking, haha. i kinda like what Buster is doing vocally in Move Over, and there’s a nice quality to the rhythm work here. i dig it. Sounds and Pressure is an excellent track, definitely a sleeper hit for me. fantastic. On the Beach is a very pleasant listen but not super noteworthy. Al Capone is another older single, and this one’s nice. i enjoyed it but didn’t love it last time on The Outlaw, and i’ll probably keep that opinion this time. suffers a little from the Cincinnati Kid problem tbh. the closer here, Waiting for My Rude Girl is a bit a victim of recording quality – the bones are here for a nice track but it doesn’t quite deliver for me.

faves – Madness, Come To Jamaica, Move Over, Sounds and Pressure
dislikes –

aight look i know this record seems to be largely a repackage of some prior singles with some new tracks mixed in, but its still miles better as a record than Big Five, so this was comparatively a very fun record. plus, id missed a lot of these singles, so im glad we caught them on the tail end of this sonic period of the project. plus, i dunno, this was really pleasant to vibe along with. good times.

Dance Cleopatra Dance – 6/10

next up we’re gonna be checking out another Prince Buster record, this time from 1972 – Dance Cleopatra Dance

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