welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’re looking at 1971’s Big Five, by Prince Buster –

Big Five‘s title track is up first, and it immediately demonstrates the type of record this is gonna be. im not huge on this track…. musically its very pleasant but oof dont find these lyrics appealing at all. the heavy handed censorship in Kinky Griner are actually kinda funny – especially since im pretty sure its just censoring “dick”, and in all ways the last track was way more explicit. Leave Your Man is fine – that censorship here is a lot more disruptive. Give Her has a nice and mellow beat to it – lightly patriarchal but not too bad. Bald Head Pum Pum at least shows some discerning taste. At the Cross aint my jam. Fishey Fishey is fine. ngl i keep hearing it almost become the melody for I’ll Be Home For Christmas. not huge on The Virgin. Black Pum Pum is fine as well. real not huge on Every Man Pum Pum – after almost a whole record about making love, especially so soon after a track like The Virgin, having a track imploring women to be careful how many men they sleep with is a bit on the nose, huh. mixing on Tonight’s a little rough – it might just be the integrity of the recording degrading over time but feels real muddy on the recording i was hearing. Wash the Pum Pum feels like an appropriate closer, to be fair.

faves –
dislikes – Big Five, At the Cross, The Virgin, Every Man Pum Pum

well. im not huge on the premise here, of making a record like Wreck a Pum Pum more explicit. a lot of the crasser bits fail at being either erotic or humorous, and just feel awkward to listen to. there some nice instrumental work across most of this album but the lyrical components go from mildly amusing to awkward to offensive kind of erratically.

Big Five – 2/10

next up we’re gonna be checking out another Prince Buster record, this time from 1972 – Dance Cleopatra Dance

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