morning folks! we’re taking a look at Mother Feather’s other record today, 2018’s Constellation Baby. let’s dig in!

the first track of Constellation Baby, Red Hot Metal, is a fantastic opening track. its got incredible energy, the theming is great, i LOVE the chorus. excellent track. the problem, for me, is that is a great track and a great opener, but they immediately follow it with Man, I Wish You Were Here, which ALSO wouldve been a very good on ramp to the record, and coming off Red Hot Metal, feels like a false start. the track itself is p good – love the guitar work on it, and the vocal effect separating the vocals back in the mix and pushing the guitar forward is very very cool. okay but the start and stop is so much more pronounced because I.C.U. is absolutely the banger off this record. i love the way the track just opens up fully on the chorus, big love for this track. Snakebite’s nice. i kinda wish there was a little more to it, but its a good track. Desert Island’s also real pleasant, but doesnt leave a huge impact on me. Constellation Baby, the title track, is a very sweet track. i cant lie, im probs gonna have a hard time getting “let a gi-irl be your gui-ide” outta my brain this week. i dont really care for Totally Awesome. doesnt really hit the right tonal line for me. for my first few listens, Shake Your Magic 8-Ball rode the line between “p good” and “sleeper hit” for me, and i think my opinion at time of righting is that this is a very fun track. absolutely a hit. i’m kinda middling on Supernatural. it doesnt do a whole lot for me. I Blow A Kiss is a very sweet closer. nice way to bring this to a close.

faves – Red Hot Metal, I.C.U., Shake Your Magic 8-Ball
dislikes –

if you read my last review, it should be no surprise that my fave tracks off this record were high energy, kinda campy, kinda flashy. i legit feel like this band shines incredibly bright on that kinda showmanship heavy angle. i dont think the quieter, more introspective, or more tender songs were bad per se, but i felt the absence of that energy from the previous record.

i dont wanna sound like i would only want them to make one type of music either. on the whole, this was a nice record. i don’t want to sound super negative about it – appreciate the attempt to adapt the sound, and there are some very honest moments – but its not gonna unseat their debut for me.

Constellation Baby – 5/10

and with that, we’ve already reached the end of this discography! in 2020, Mother Feather went independent and released a single, but haven’t done a ton since then. if they put out more music, you’ll definitely be hearing me talk about it here. the next discography review is gonna be MF DOOM, so check back next week for the beginning of that journey!

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